Do Some Good with Reward Volunteers

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Being part of Cub Scouts, our family is able to help in the local community close to home with our pack. My husband is a cub scout leader for our son's den which this fall will be Weeblos 1. They do a lot of community projects throughout the school year that make a big impact on both businesses and the families involved in volunteering, as well as the families being helped through the projects being done. 

This is important for young men to be part of helping within close distance of home, and it helps making small changes to their lifestyle to be there for other people, and not just doing what they want to all of the time. Reward Volunteers is a great way to log your hours / times that you spend volunteering, and in turn earn rewards at times for your hard work too.

Here are some great things that you should know about Reward Volunteers:
- It’s a site that allows you to log your volunteer hours and keep a record of all the good you’re putting into the world.
- By logging your hours, you (or your organization) can win prizes. 
- Reward Volunteers also provides information about volunteering opportunities in your area.

- Organizations also benefit when they register to be a Reward Volunteers organization and their volunteers log their hours.

Parents are encouraged to help out when the scouts do their activities throughout the year. Our personal favorite impact that's done is when we go to two nursing homes around Christmas time, and they're very excited to have the boys there, as well as their families. It's a time to be able to make small changes in their lives by singing carols to the older people who live there, but it also helps the boys know how happy and important their time is to be there for other people that they don't even know.

Last Christmas, I had our now two year old with us and the elderly people at the nursing home closest to the wall by us were smiling at him and told us how cute he was, and thanked us all and the cub scouts for coming. It's a blessing to be able to show scouts and our own kids since we all go how happy it makes older people who can't be at home or get out and about, how something simple such as singing Christmas carols can impact their life in a positive way. 

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