Toddlers will Love the Cars 3 The First Years Products

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from The First Years, in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you needing some cute but quality toddler dining products?

Our toddler has been using The First Years sippy cups for quite a few months now and just loves them. But, he also likes to lose them like most probably tend to do sometimes so I was thrilled to find out we'd be trying out a set of two Cars insulated sippy cups. 

These work great for drinks such as: water, juice, milk, Kool-aid. These cups are made for children ages 9 months and up.

Another type of cup that we received to try that he likes using mainly at his booster seat for meals is the Cars 360 cup. This is an easy cup for children to learn how to drink out of it as if it were a real cup! They can suck on any part of the outer portion of the top of the cup and get their drink out.

The other product we received that I really like is the Cars snack bowl. This is a really nifty and neat feeding product for toddlers, because if you put cheerios in there they can easily reach in the bowl to remove it to eat. He loves to carry this around for snacking.

The other product that is pictured with the other products that he seems to really enjoy using is the Cars 3 feeding set, which includes a toddler size bowl, spoon and fork, and a portion plate made for toddlers. This works awesome for him, because if I am giving him just pasta or something that has one item in it, I use the bowl for him but if I am giving him multiple meal items, I use the portion plate and he loves to use the fork and spoon with it.

Our toddler is two and outgrew his highchair he had been using, so I had been looking for a booster for him for eating meals. I was so excited when I found out that I would be working with The First Years on several products, including The First Years Disney/Pixar Cars Booster Seat which can be purchased at Walmart, HERE for just $17.69!

He had some breakfast pizza that we got from a local gas station and enjoyed it in his brand new booster seat and loves it so far. So much easier to clean by far too, as well as stylish with the character, and easy for on the go use as well.

Be sure that you put this booster seat's straps in correctly as it needs to be tightened once it's hooked under the chair, for safe use for your toddler.

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