Toddlers will Love Wow Gear's Snack Pals

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Snack Pals in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for a easy way to let your toddler feed themself a snack?

As a mother of a two year old, I know how complicated snacks to let him eat on his own without making a big mess can be. I love to let him feed himself, but sometimes he wants to be able to take snacks in his room and I just can't let him because I'd have to do a lot of vaccuming if I did.

Well, thanks to Snack Pals from Wow Gear, I now have a solution and can allow him to carry around his snacks even in his room! I decided to place some honey nut cheerios in the container bottom, and demonstrate how to get it to come through the top part for him. 

You need to put the snack that is dry, in the bottom part of this container and shake it a couple of times, and then open the top portion and part of the snack will appear in it for your child to eat! This is a really neat product and our 8 year old daughter uses the purple colored one. She finds it pretty cool too, and uses it in her lunch at the park.

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  1. I love the design of these! Toddlers definitely want to be independent and do everything by themselves. These Snack Pals look like a great solution to some of the seemingly inevitable mishaps that happen!