The Perfect Age Gap Between Kids

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I have experience with two close age gaps in between kids, so this post will be about my thoughts and experiences on each one and which I think is easiest in general. 

How close / far apart in age are your kids?

As you know already, we have four kids, so life is fun and busy! Our older two kids are 10 months 6 days apart. "Are you crazy?" I have been asked. Nope, not really. I like their age gap a lot more so now that they're older and are only a grade apart in school! It's nice. Their last day of school was today, so we will have a 3rd and 4th grader in the fall! 

When they were young, yes it was hard having an infant and a 10 month old who was not walking yet. But, it's well worth it because they're best of friends now and do a lot together, including riding bikes, riding the school bus, and just enjoy playing together. Of course, people asked when they got older if they're twins. Nope, just close in age LOL. It was tough being pregnant back to back, but I am glad we had them close because they are close now.

Our second child is 6 years older than our 2 year old, so we had a bigger gap between #2 and #3, which I have to say was really nice in the long run because the older two love to help with him a lot of the time. They enjoy playing with him and helping from time to time with things he needs - getting his shoes on while I feed our youngest, etc. 

Our younger two kids are 23 months apart and I do like this age gap best I think, just because our 2 year old is independent in some ways, still takes a 2 hour nap every day, etc. It's easier because I am working on getting him out of diapers off and on. 

We are working on that right now. When we go to the bus stop / park, I put him in the single stroller and have our youngest in my Ergo Adapt Carrier that you can buy, HERE! It works out well, because she is still too small to get strapped in the double stroller, so it works well for me.


  1. We talk about this a lot. We have an almost 4 month old and we try to decide pretty often when we should have another!

  2. Our two kids are 32 months apart and I think it is a really good separation. They still play a lot with each other but they also have there own set of friends as well. I want to have one more but obviously as our youngest is 3 there will be a bigger separation between them.

  3. I do appreciate the age gap between my FAB Five. I think if I would have had them too close together... I would be a nervous wreck!

  4. My are 3 years and 13 days apart. I wanted them 2 years apart because that is what I consider perfect, but it didn't happen that way.

  5. I can see how the closer and farther apart age gaps have their perks. We discussed this a lot before having our second child!

  6. I think everyone can find advantages and disadvantages to any thing. Once you are in it , you can make anything work!

  7. My kids are two and a half years apart, which has been great. Honestly, I think every age gap has its pros and cons.

  8. I have 2 kids who are 6 years apart. I wanted them closer together but it didn't work out that way. I ended up liking the age gap though because my youngest is very needy and the fact that my oldest is pretty independent and also able to help out occasionally makes things easier