Life as a Stay at Home Mom of Four

I have been asked to write about how it is being a stay at home mom of four, now that our youngest is almost six weeks old.

Our older two children are in elementary school all day, during the school year so I get them off of the bus in the afternoon. So, during the day it's just our toddler and one month old until then so it's pretty laid back. 

My day starts at 6:15am when I get up to get our older two up for school so they have plenty of time to get ready. They like eating breakfast at school, so they don't eat at home before.

Finding a Fun Routine:
We usually get breakfast, play with blocks and puzzles, watch Netflix shows for him, read a book, and he takes a nap. For our youngest, she's asleep quite a bit still because she is still young, but she wakes up to nurse and get changed.

How we spend our time after school:
After I get our older kids off of the bus, if it's nice enough we walk to the park which is maybe a minute or two from their bus stop so it's nice. They have a fun time and our toddler sure does too. He loves to RUN in the field and play with his brother and big sister, at the park. One of his favorites is when we have BUBBLES and take them with us! 

They all enjoy those together. What kids don't enjoy playing outside with bubbles? Ours sure do! After we get back from the bus stop, they do their homework, and eat dinner / watch Netflix shows at times.

Hardest part of having 4 kids:
The hardest part of having four kids sometimes is mainly when either the older two are fighting back and forth over the Roku remote or a DVD, or when I need to cook and our youngest needs to nurse, but we make it work just fine. We are getting into a routine with having four kids, so it's getting a lot easier now. 

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