Protect Your Kids Using Child-Guard

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Are you looking for another layer of protection for your children for potentially dangerous household cleaning supplies such as laundry pods?

I am so excited to tell you about this product called Child-Guard. Presto Products Company is the creator of Child-Guard, and they can be found HERE

You may be asking what Child-Guard is, so let me tell you!

Child-Guard is the first ever child-resistant closure system designed specifically for products that use flexible packaging. 

How does Child Guard work?

Great detail and lengths were taken to create a package closure that's designed to keep children safe, yet also easy for adults to operate. To open the package, you must first move the slider to the left point of the zipper. Then, you should push down on the slider's tab and at the same time, pull the slider to the right along the track.

Laundry can be a challenge sometimes when kids want to help, but I don't want them to be using laundry soap just yet on their own. They do like to help though with tossing their dirty clothes in the washing machine. 

Child-Guard helps make it a lot harder for kids to open the detergent. I personally love using pods, so this was the perfect item for me to test.  But now it’s time to spread the word and help keep our children safe.

How can you help? 
There are so many things that we can do to help spread the word and keep our little ones from accidentally opening and getting into something that may harm them.
· Spread the word by sharing this post on social media using #GuardIt
· Stop by the Child-Guard site and the Child-Guard Blog to find out more about their product and keep up with the latest news and safety tips.
· Hop over to the Child-Guard Facebook Page and give them a like. Be sure to share their page with your friends – especially friends who have little ones.
· Share their educational YouTube video here: Child-Guard  - What is Child-Resistant Packaging.

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