Exclusive Interview with Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, and Christine Lakin for Hollywood Darlings

All About Hollywood Darlings TV Show:

The show focuses on real life friends as stars and is a comedy, but is also focused on their lives as moms and friends living in LA.

Are you excited to see Hollywood Darlings?

I had the unique opportunity to interview the lead actresses of the new show, Hollywood Darlings. I hope you enjoy the interview and questions as much as I did asking them! Like many of my readers, I grew up watching these ladies on their TV shows - 7th Heaven (Beverley), Step by Step (Christine), and of course Full House (Jodie). 

Questions for Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, and Christine Lakin:

Hi Jodie, Beverley, and Christine; I am a huge fan of yours and wanted to thank you for taking your time to let us interview you and ask questions about Hollywood Darlings and life.

How was life growing up being on tv, with Full House, 7th Heaven, and Step by Step and how did it effect your personal life outside of  being actresses? 

We don't know how life is or was outside of being actresses, because we were always in Hollywood and in TV shows / movies, so that is our normal life as moms and people. We didn't go camping, go on field trips, etc. Our lives were sheltered as kids mostly. Jodie went back and forth between a "normal" high school to her life as an actress.

How is Hollywood Darlings different from an acting perspective, than other TV shows and / or movies you ladies have starred in? It looks like it's going to be a fun and down to earth show for moms to enjoy!

Not having a script or having to memorize scenes is very different. Having the entire show to say and do anything is harder than we thought, but is great as well. To be funny but yet get information out in a certain amount of time, is like doing a crossword puzzle all day long. We almost forgot sometimes that we were filming a TV show, because we were having so much fun together as friends.

How does life as a mother now effect your being an actress, if at all? 

We want our kids to see that you can be a working mom and to achieve your dreams. Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest. Making time for our families is very important to us. We are all there for each other, to encourage each other if they ever get down about things.

Question for Jodie Sweetin: 

What was it like going so many years between Full House to making the popular series, Fuller House? Was it like you were just going back onto set as a family since you guys were so close 20 years ago?

It really, really was. When we left Full House a little over 20 years ago, they never lost contact, they are together all the time. Stepping back into the role of Fuller House and it was mindblowing for them, especially for Candace Bure and Jodie. It was as if no time had passed. 

Right now, we are shooting season 3 and are so blessed to be able to stay close friends with them for all these years later. It's really amazing being able to grow up with everyone, and staying close to them.

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