Activities that are Good for School Age Kids

School can and should be a fun time in our kids' lives and letting kids do an extra activity after school can be good for him or her as well. 

What activity is your child or children involved in?

Our daughter is in second grade and is a Brownie in girl scouts and has a lot of fun with it, when they have a meeting twice a month. Once or twice during the year, they go to a movie and it's highly discounted for the scout and family to go.

The best thing that we enjoy the Girl Scouts doing every year is selling girl scout cookies!!! She does girl scout camp, in July or August with her troop for a weekend and has a blast with it. 

Our son is in cub scouts and is a Bear until August when he moves up to the next level which is called Weeblos. He has a lot of fun with cub scouts which is great, and my husband is his pack leader too, so they enjoy it together as a father / son activity. 

They do fun activities as cub scouts throughout the year, go on one bigger trip for fun at the end of the year before school lets out, do a popcorn sale for fundraising, go to a camp in October for the weekend, and do two fun dinners - one is a fundraiser and the other is a Blue & Gold ceremony for awards.

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