When to Wean a Breastfed Baby

I was asked if I could make a post about when a good time to wean a breastfed baby is. 

As you know, I breastfed our youngest from birth until 14 months old. And really the only reason I weaned him as fast as I did at 14 months was because I found out I'm pregnant on July 20. 

It felt like he had razor sharp teeth and I couldn't deal with the pain from it while feeding. He never bit really after 7 months old but a few times nursing, so I think it was the hormones from being pregnant.

I was weaning him one feeding per month since May when he turned one, and replacing it with a cup of 2% milk as for a time, he had an allergy to whole milk. I planned to wean him around 16 months old anyway. 

A good age to wean a breastfed baby?

I think that unless you become pregnant and feel a need to wean like I did, that you can either let your child self wean his or herself, or slowly start weaning when you feel ready after he or she turns one. 

There are professionals who recommend nursing until at least age two, but I personally don't feel age two is best for us so I will wean this baby as well before then; likely around 14 - 16 months old. You do weaning how you as a mother feel is best for you and your child. 

Don't let anyone discourage you by saying he or she is "too old to be nursing and needs cow's milk by cup". That's bogus and un-needed advice that no mother wants or needs to hear from anyone. 

He's now 20 months old and has done GREAT with weaning, as he has not nursed once since July 20. He occassionally tries to put his hand in my shirt, but I just tell him milk all gone and he stops.

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