How to Get Kids to Stop Fighting

I was asked to do an interesting post than usual, because our older two kids (8 and 9) are still doing this, so I don't have a clear cut answer to give but will help the best I can.

Oh yes, the infamous topic of siblings fighting and how to stop it. 

Well, our older two are 8 and 9 and they still fight pretty frequently at home. I think some of it may have to do with the fact that they're 10 months 6 days apart in age, so they're very close age wise. 

We tend to ground them when they won't stop picking at each other or just fighting in general just to fight. They tend to enjoy their DVD players to watch their kids movies at night in bed as well as their Pokemon cards, LEGOS, and video games on Playstation 2 and 3.  So, these are the things that we take away from them when they like to fight, so then they complain of being bored

Our response? 
Well, don't fight and you won't get your favorite toys / things taken away to the point where you are bored. Sometimes that does help lower the amount of arguing between the two of them, and sometimes it doesn't help at all. 

What helps your children to stop fighting? 

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