How to Budget Time so Kids get Equal Attention

Having four kids, time management is sometimes a must more so when the schedule is tight. 

How to budget time so kids get equal attention.

When you have to hurry in getting homework done or our older two having a Cub Scout or Girl Scout meeting on a specific evening, it makes time with all of our kids kind of hard to manage on a equal level.

I am a stay at home mom, so I'm home with our 22 month old and will have our newborn as well once she is born, so they will mostly get equal attention as they're both always with me. Of course a newborn requires 24 / 7 care, so she will get a little more one on one time when it comes to feedings as she will be nursing, but in the realm of things, they're pretty well equaled out time wise. 

Our older two are in school during the day, so I get time with both of them between 6:15am - 7:05am when I get them up and on the bus in the mornings. They are home by 3:10pm, so once homework is finished, we usually either play downstairs or they come into our room and we all watch some Netflix shows or movies, that they each pick what they want to watch.

How do you budget time to make sure your kids get equal attention?

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