Get the IdeaPad 300 15 Inch Laptop from Lenovo

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Lenovo in order to facilitate this review for my readers. This post has affiliate links in it.

Are you needing a good laptop that will last? Well, I think I found the one for you!

I absolutely love Lenovo products and this one was given to my husband, since his former laptop died back in about September 2016 and he's been without one ever since. I was happy to be able to help him out the most I could by getting the Ideapad 300 for him to review. 

The thing he likes about this Ideapad 300 is that it's 15.6" in size, for the screen and is easy to use for what he needs - social media, Word Pad, music, and other web browsing he may do as well. It's an easy laptop to connect to any wi-fi available where you are at. We just use our home wi-fi for it of course, since he's not taken it anywhere to use it.

He likes the bigger screen unlike me, so he was thrilled when I let him know I could get him the Ideapad 300 15.6" laptop to review. We will likely be getting a Lenovo brand wireless mouse that is similar to what he uses right now with it, but it'll be the same brand as his laptop. 

He gets a lot of memory on his hard drive as it holds up to 1 TB on this laptop, and if you know much about memory that is a LOT! He likes to listen to music and play games on his laptops he has owned in the past, and found one on this one too. 

He uses his Ideapad 300 on a fold out table beside our bed which is really convenient and easy to use, without needing to stretch out or anything. It's easy to plug-in to charge as needed as well. 

It has excellent sound on this Ideapad 300 as well, which is one thing I know we always look into before agreeing to a purchase. You can buy this Ideapad 300 15.6" laptop, HERE for just $579.99!! That's an excellent deal and it's shipped from Lenovo too, so that's a even better deal. 

Here's some information about the Ideapad 300 15.6" laptop:
- The operating system is Windows 10 Home
- The processor is up to 6th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor
- Memory on this Ideapad 300 is up to 8 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
- Has storage up to 1 TB 5400 RPM
- Battery life is up to 4 hours local video play-back
- The display is 15.6" HD Glossy with integrated camera 
- Weight of this laptop is 5.07 lbs 
- Security it has is McAfee LiveSafe (30-day free trial)


  1. That sounds like an awesome laptop! My current one is on its last legs, so I am definitely in need of a new one.

  2. It's great that he likes it. It's very important to like your laptop if you use a laptop, they aren't one of those things that you can just tolerate using.

  3. We're trying to figure out what kind of laptop to get my son for college. Thanks for the specs on the Lenovo

  4. This seems like a great laptop! Really good for kids for even adults who dont need too much

  5. That looks like such a great laptop! I have a lenovo and it's the best!

  6. This is a great laptop with latest configuration. I was looking for a new laptop for my brother. I'll surely suggest this one to him.

  7. I love Lenovo! They have lots of good ones. I personally use the Lenovo YOGA and it's perfect!

  8. That is so great that he likes it! It is so important that you like whatever computer you are working on. For example I have a hard time working on a PC as I have gotten so used to my MAC and I really love my MAC. My husband though is a PC person and probably would love this.

  9. I have a Lenovo and LOVE it! What a great computer.