Try the New Denny's Affordable $4 Menu Options

*Disclaimer - I received gift cards from Denny's in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Are you looking for a meal for a great deal??

I wanted to let my sister and mom enjoy a nice meal together, since they had not been to Denny's in quite awhile! They arrived and said that the location they went to had a few items on the $4 menu. 

The options for the $4 menu are:
- Shareable Turtle Sundae
- Sausage and Gravy Breakfast
- All You Can Eat Pancakes 
- Everyday Value Slam

My mom decided to go with the all you can eat pancakes and got 3 delicious pancakes!! She said they were GREAT and were nice and hot when served. As you can tell below, they have butter all over them with some syrup! 

Now, if this meal doesn't look good to you I don't know what will convince you! Breakfast anytime of the day is always a huge plus in my book! Especially some amazing hot pancakes.

I would eat a LOT going from the $4 affordable menu options, I know that especially with three kids who ADORE pancakes! Denny's is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at, because of how affordable they are, quality food with great customer service, and you never have to be seated long to get waited on.

My sister decided to get the biscuits and gravy breakfast which came with two eggs of your choice and hash browns. It was absolutely DELICIOUS and well worth every penny. Their food came out within 10-15 minutes so it was very quick unlike most places you will dine in at. 

Sausage gravy and biscuits are an all time favorite, so I'm going to have to go try it out in the upcoming future, myself!

Now, you can't tell me this whole post doesn't have you hungry and eager to head over to your local Denny's to try out the $4 affordable option! 

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