OB GYN or Midwife? Pick the Best for your Pregnancy

I thought I'd make a post about the difference I see between an OB GYN and a midwife. We have three kids and expecting our fourth soon. 

Did you have an OB GYN or Midwife?

We had an OB GYN with our older two and a set of midwives with our youngest and this baby. I most definitely prefer to have a midwife vs an OB GYN any day. You may think that a midwife will only deliver at a birthing center or at home, but that's not the case everywhere. Our midwives office only delivers babies in the hospital by their office, not in home or at a birth center.

When it comes to doctor appointments, midwives will spend extra time answering questions that you or your significant other may have. But, when it comes to labor and delivery, I definitely prefer to have a midwife. 

They aren't in a rush unlike an OB when you're in labor and go in/out of the room, midwife will spend a bit more time in your room to answer questions or just be an encouragement to mom and support person. 

Midwives also do their best to allow you to follow your birth plan as much as possible, and they don't pressure you into pain medication for labor. They allow you to get an epidural and / or pain medication if you ask, but they also let you decide that. 

They will allow baby to be held immediately after delivery, unlike with our older two, I didn't hold our oldest for awhile due to breathing issues and he was 34 weeks when born, so he needed NICU care, and our daughter I held 5 minutes after born. Our youngest, I was able to hold him within 30 - 60 seconds after he was born, as soon as his cord was cut.


  1. Definitely some things I have to think about since we're planning on starting a family in a year or so! We live in a rural town so access to care is a little challenging!

  2. I used an OBGYN and I love her. She was exactly the right person for me. She has amazing bedside manner.

  3. I've had both and have loved both experiences. I'm glad I had an ob-gyn with my daughter because we ended up having complications.

  4. It depends so much on personality. My first kid, I was at a practice with multiple OBs and I never knew which one I was going to see. That was awful and I had a terrible delivery because of it -healthy kid though :). Second kid, I LOVED my OB and I would use him again in a heartbeat. I have always heard good things about midwives too. Great to have options so a couple can make the choice they are most comfortable with!

  5. I have not been a mother but can appreciate good healthcare and expert advice specially when being first time mom. Thanks for sharing.

  6. It's so wonderful that women these days have so many options to have their babies in any way they chose! Great advice!

  7. I think this all depends on the mommy to be! I was someone who was like take me to the hospital and gimmie all the drugs lol... I have besties though that are all about midwives!

  8. I had a OB , and then switched to a midwife for my other three. I had horrible experiences with the OB. They really didn't want to listen to me one bit and the midwife worked with me the entire way!

  9. I've thought about using a midwife but I was worried that it would be a home birth. Glad to know that is not the case.

    1. Definitely not just home births! I wouldn't opt for home birth because of preterm labor history. But, there are certain midwives that deliver in a birthing center or at your home, but the type of midwife I have only delivers in the hospital.