Choosing a Formula That's Right for Your Baby

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. All opinions are my own. 

Are you looking for a good formula for your little one, but need an affordable brand? 

I formula fed our older two kids and Parent’s Choice® was a brand we used for them. I wanted to let you know all about their products! Parent’s Choice® baby and toddler products can be found exclusively at Walmart

In addition to saving up to $600 a year over alternative formulas, shoppers that choose Parent’s Choice® will find an infant formula that is: 
- Clinically proven to support growth and development 
- Easy to digest and has been well tolerated by millions of babies 
- Nutritionally comparable to more expensive national brand infant formulas, including Enfamil®, Similac®, and Gerber® 
- Meets the highest-quality FDA nutritional standards 
- Clinically proven to be as well tolerated by infants as national brand formulas Exclusive to Walmart since 1998, Parent’s Choice® Infant Formula has been a leading choice for feeding babies with millions of parents across the United States. 

Here are some things you should know about this private label brand that extends beyond infant formula to include: 
- Toddler Formula for Older Infants 
- Baby and Toddlers Foods such as: Yogurt Bites, Cereals, Cereal Bars, Little Puffs®, Little Fruits®, Little MunchersTM, and Little WheelsTM 
- Ready to Drink Pediatric Nutritional Beverages 
- Pediatric Electrolyte Rehydration Solution and Powder Sticks 

Parent's Choice® Premium Powder Infant Formula 
- Value Size 35 oz which makes 65, 4 oz bottles for baby 
- Clinically proven to support growth and development 

Paren'ts Choice® Advantage Tub Powder Stage 2 Formula 
- Value size 35 oz 
- Suitable for babies 6 - 12 months 

Parent's Choice® Sensitivity Canned Powder Infant Formula 
- Available in Value size 33.2 oz and it makes 59, 4 oz bottles 
- For fusiness and gas 

Parent's Choice® Gentle Infant Formula with Iron 
- Available in Value size 33.2 oz and makes 60, 4 oz bottles 
- For fussiness, gas, and crying 

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  1. It's great to see alternative formulas at more appealing prices coming onto the market. They didn't have any when my boys were born.

  2. Great info here!!!! I've heard great things about parents choice formula. I have a few friends that use it

  3. As someone who is about to have a baby this is so helpful. I have no idea what kind of formula to buy!

  4. Parent's Choice is definitely a reliable formula. The value sizes are perfect. They last a long time!

  5. This is a great giveaway! I've heard good things about this brand.

  6. I am not a mom but appreciate the information as I can share this with my step daughters when they become mothers.

  7. What a great giveaway! I know this is a trial and error thing for a lot of parents. I've never heard of this brand before!

  8. I have always preferred Breast feeding for both my kids for first 18-months. When it comes to formula feeding we need to find the right brand to give them the best of health and Parent’s Choice sounds like a great brand to try out. The Sweepstakes sounds really interesting too!

    1. I agree :) I breastfed my youngest til 14 months and this baby will be breastfed too. My older 2 were formula fed though.