When is Best to Start Breastfed Babies on Baby Foods

I was asked by a reader to write about when a good age for breastfed babies to start on baby food is.

When did you start your breastfed baby on baby foods?

You'll find several different opinions on the topic, but from my perspective I will let you know in this post what I feel is a good age for baby foods for breastfed babies. All babies are different and will show signs of being ready to start baby foods, at different ages. 

Many people including the AAP which is guidelines for babies and toddlers; which says it's best to wait until your little one breastfed or not, is six months old to start baby foods. Our older two weren't ever breastfed and we started them on baby foods at four months old. 

Our youngest was breastfed from birth to 14 months old, and this baby will be nursed as well. We started him on baby foods at four months old and he did very well. He was eating 2nd foods by 6 months old or so, and then table foods at 9 - 10 months old. 

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