Toddler Snacks and Drinks Made Easier with Munchkin #PawPatrol #MunchkinMoments

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Munchkin in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for some good quality toddler snack products?

Our youngest child is 20 months old and we love the Munchkin brand for cups and much more, when we are buying snack holders and such! I got a nice surprise from them in the mail for him, yesterday. 

Check out the goodies we received, below:

He received a Snack Stainless Steel Snack Catcher in blue, found HERE! You can buy this product for just $10, and can choose from pink or blue color wise. It has a neat flip top lid that closes it in to keep snacks fresh longer.

Another product he got was the Paw Patrol Snack Catcher which can be bought HERE for just $4, and it comes in pink and blue color wise to choose from. The neat thing about this snack catcher is that it's great to take on the-go for car rides, at home, or even taking to daycare. It can hold up to 9 oz of snacks, which is a good bit for toddlers to hold onto. It's BPA Free and is dishwasher safe on the top-rack. 

We are teaching him to learn to self-feed himself when in the highchair, so this next set of items is great for him to have. It's a Paw Patrol Dining Set, which can be found HERE for just $10.50, and it comes in blue or pink when it comes to colors. The bowl is perfect for applesauce, Cheerios, little finger snacks, and more. I love how the plate has three sections to it, for three different meal items to go in.

Our youngest loves the bowl and cup the best so far, I think! He's been holding the cup a lot and this was actually the kind of sippy cup I had bought for him non-character several months ago to get him to drink out of and he flat out refused. Now, he LOVES it! 

I showed him how to drink out it and he caught on quickly. You can buy the Paw Patrol Miracle 360 Sippy Cup in 9 oz, HERE for just $8! I want to get more of these cups, because they don't spill and are easy to open / close, and clean. 


  1. These are so cute!! I need to get some Paw Patrol goodies for my nephew. He's one of those kiddos who loves to eat off fun plates and drink out of fun cups!

  2. We have a few munchkin things for the babe on the way. Love them! Those are super super cute!

  3. These look so fun for kids! I'll have to ask my friends with kids if they've tried this brand

  4. Oh these are perfect for the kids' meal time! I think these will definitely help the kids get used to eating with plates and silverware.

  5. I wish they had that cup when my kidlets were younger, it would have helped with the spills of snacks! Cute set too,

  6. My grandson watches Paw Patrol everyday and he loves it. Those giggles and claps are priceless! I will get him this set and I am sure he will enjoy his meals even more.

  7. This is such a cute set. All the kids love Paw Patrol so I'm sure this would make all of them enjoy their meals more.

  8. My daughter hasn't gotten into the Paw Patrol phase (yet) but she is in need of new plates and cups. These are adorable.

  9. I think these are some wonderful goodies that any kid would love so easily. I would definitely love to get something like this for my kids to make sure they get involved in eating with plates on their own!