Keeping The Kids Quiet With Tech!

Looking after the kids is such hard work sometimes - especially if the little monsters have bags upon bags of energy to expend. Kids need hobbies, but sometimes you can’t fulfill all of those hobby based requirements.  

One solution you might use is to get them into sport.

Sports are a great way for our kids to get fit, burn those bags of energy off and let off some steam. Not to mention, it’s an amazing way for them to meet new friends. Competitive sport allows young minds to learn faster, it teaches us to give 100 percent to tasks, it gives us coping mechanisms and most importantly - it is fun! 

Sport can’t be performed all of the time though - You can’t take them to football training or dance practice on some occasions - so yeah, there are going to be rainy days when the kids are stuck inside waiting to be entertained - and you might just not have the energy to do that.

Enter technology - it’s done a lot for us, but allowing you to have some ‘me’ time is probably the best thing that could have happened. Self-care is so important, so take a small slice of time out of the day to be selfish. Technology is key to keeping the kids distracted and there’s so much of it! 

So many gaming consoles exist on the market right now and most of them are affordable. The PS4 has an amazing catalog of games, doesn’t need a TV (with the remote play ability) - this means you can have the TV at any time you want, which is only fair...

Kids haven’t got the best attention spans, have they? It’s important to diversify. Allow them to watch their favourite films with the Showbox app - it’s a great application that will let your children watch their favorite films and TV shows. The official website link is here, so check it out!

If they like reading, Apple’s iPad makes for an amazing display for interactive books - which are a bit more entertaining for wandering little minds! Apple’s iBooks app has plenty of reading options for your kids.

The app store even offers plenty of board games if you don’t have anything in your house - everything from Clue to Monopoly can be purchased. There’s no better ‘rainy day’ option than a board game, so it’s good to know you can buy one at any time!

If the kids are into music - let them access Spotify! Show off the classics, but remember the headphones! This is all about keeping them quiet so you can have some you time!

If you’ve got a bunch of little artists, but no paper or pens - tablets offer a great drawing surface for the tiny painters! Let them go wild with unlimited virtual paper on a sketch book app!

Sometimes you can’t be around the kids at all times - it’s important to take some time for yourself. However, don’t use tech as a crutch! Diversify and enjoy time with your kids as well!

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