Monitor Cell Phone Text Messages to Protect Kids from Bullies

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Are you worried about bullying?
Parenting is a challenging task when it comes to ensuring child safety. There is absolutely no stopping your child from being under the influence of tech gadgets, especially cellphones. Though online safety can be overwhelming, but there are tools that can keep your children away from online nastiness.

Bullying is not just limited to school playgrounds or cafeteria. It has evolved into cyberspace as well to traumatize the minds on the young ones. Due to their carefree nature and urge for a venture into the wilds of cellphone technology, kids often make mistakes. They share explicit imagery and texts with each other to handle the peer pressure. The consequences are indeed dreadful.
Almost all the smartphones have access to online browsing so it is difficult for parents to monitor their children all the time. Don’t assume your child is safe if he’s using his gadgets in front of you. There are so many advanced features of cellphones that can help them access inappropriate content.
Don’t fret! Help comes handy in the form of parental monitoring apps. There are apps such as xnspy that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. These apps are powerful surveillance tools that can keep your child safe from the potential threats of bullies.
How do parental monitoring apps protect your child?
Parents can go to any lengths and measures to prevent cyberbullying. Since the most popular form of communication among kids is texting, both sexting and cyberbullying go hand in hand. U.K health secretary, Jeremy Hunt proposed a ban on sexting for kids under 18. He suggested detection softwares on mobile devices that will help parents to monitor their kids, says The Guardian.
The detection technology he was talking about are spy apps that help monitor cell phone text messages of kids. These spy apps work in stealth mode so your kid won’t know he’s being spied on. You can remotely monitor his messages, even the entire thread of message conversation. The message content is available along with the name of the message sender, date and time stamps.
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Whether your child is sitting right in front of you or miles away, you can learn about specific subjects your child has been discussing with his friends and contacts by watch-listing those words such as ‘sex’ or ‘fuck’. If these words are used in the message conversation, you will receive instant alerts on your phone.

Moreover, there are Geo-Tags (an icon similar to google map bubble) viewed along with the message sent or received. These icons depict the exact location of the message sender/receiver when the message was sent/received. Also, you can monitor cell phone text messages of your child even if he deletes them after viewing.
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  1. Thanks to the spying technology, I was able to save my daughter from sending her nudes to her boyfriend. Once I explained the consequences to her, she was quite terrified about what she was just going to do. She said she had never thought of it in a negative way.

  2. I know spying is invasion of privacy but what else can parents or school administration do to take action against sexting and cyberbullying?

  3. Since we can’t stop our children from using their phones, we can create cellphone-free zones at our homes to restrict their usage. Also, having a friendly relationship with your child works wonders.