Keep Kids Warm This Winter with #Lugz Boots

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the wonderful Lugz in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for a good and sturdy boot for your child?

Our oldest loves wearing boots and he said he'd like to help me on this review, so I got him a nice pair of Lugz boots that are called Empire Hi Grade School in a size 4 youth. He's almost 9. These fit him perfectly! He can wear boots to school, but if he has gym class, of course he has to take a spare pair of shoes so he's able to participate properly in gym class.

He had to get use to the sturdiness of the boot initially, but after a few times of wearing them for a few hours each day and while out and about, he got use to them. I just love how the boots lace up like they do. It's nice having a good pair of truly reliable boots for the upcoming winter weather months. Especially living in Pennsylvania you have to have a good boot, or your feet will get wet and cold within an hour or two. With these, they won't. 

These are VERY nicely made kids style boots and I love everything about them. They are soft yet firm for wearing, they keep his feet warm when it's cold outside, and they are secure with the nice lace up boot these offer. He's not use to having boots like these, so he loves it. You can buy these for just $59.99 on their website, and it's well worth every penny of it. 

These actually have a Flexastride molded memory foam insole to them as well which is an awesome thing to have in a boot. It makes them that much more comfortable for wearing on a regular basis, which in the winter where we live there's no way around it especially when school isn't ever out for snow unless there's too much  ice or it is above - 28 degrees out.

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