Accepting 2017 Brand Ambassadorships

Chit Chat Mom is now accepting 2017 Brand Ambassadorships, through March / April. 

Continue reading to see what I'm looking for and will offer as an ambassador for your brand.

If you'd like to speak further, please contact Alicia at if your brand, company, or PR firm are interested in having me as an ambassador to represent your firm, and the specifics involved.

What does Chit Chat Mom offer to brands for being an ambassador?
- Blog posts throughout the time frame of the brand ambassadorship
- Social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram if desired. All of these posts will be promoted and get interaction from readers. All of these posts will be emailed to you upon completion of each post so that you have it on record. 

What does an ambassadorship with Chit Chat Mom mean for your brand?
- Blog posts specific to your brand's needs and links / photos included in that post and social media exposure of each post
- Monetary compensation for either a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year ambassadorship to be mailed via a check unless brand or PR firm prefer Paypal, to the blogger. Amount of compensation will be discussed via email, between Alicia from Chit Chat Mom and the brand or PR firm.
- A written agreement stating what will be done throughout the ambassadorship for your brand.
- A brand badge placed on my sidebar for a certain amount of time, for a time agreed upon.
- Plenty of exposure for your brand or company, through blog posts as well as social media posts. 
- Interaction on blog posts and social media posts for ambassadorship

I look forward to working with you and partnering with you in this way, for 2017. 

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