Worldwide Day of Service: Day 9: Jesus Visited the Lonely and So Can You

*Disclaimer - I am receiving compensation for writing this post for My religious beliefs are not affiliated with the organization.

Are you looking for a way to serve this holiday season?

Some ways that you and your family can get involved within the community around you are:

1. Visit a nursing home. Older people always enjoy seeing visitors, because sometimes they have no family or friends, or they do but no one comes to see them. It's really sad but also true. Studies show 60% never get visitors during their stay.

2. Invite a widow or widower to dinner. You can be of service to someone who has lost his or her spouse just by simply inviting them over for a nice dinner to share with your family. It shows that you care about them, whether they realize it or not.

3. Identify someone that will be alone for Christmas and invite them to attend a church service with your family on Christmas Day. This could mean the world to that person, just knowing that you care enough to make sure they have someone to spend Christmas with. If you are familiar, you can go to and see where a location is by you for their service times for Christmas.

Our family is active within the Girl Scout and Cub Scouts community, so around Christmas we always go to a nursing home local to us as a group and sing Christmas carols to the older men and women. They always enjoy us coming to sing for them and seeing the boys and girls using their talent of song and service as well. 

Find your own way to serve within your local community, not just the way that I shared our family does.

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  1. I need to reach out to some people in my community! I think Christmas season is so good to reach out and help others. I will be helping with the Turkey giveaway this month!