Find Something to Do for Family Volunteer Day

*Disclaimer - This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Family Volunteer Day. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Are you looking for something to do with your family, but aren't sure what to do?

Well, our family decided to help and rake the leaves together. As you can see there are PLENTY to rake up. This can be such a good thing to do to volunteer your time for the elderly or just someone that works a lot and doesn't have the extra time to be able to get those leaves up. 

Or another idea is that you could go to a nursing home and help anywhere that they may need volunteers at or assistance in another way that can go a long way. 

Volunteering is so important to teach your kids to do, especially at a younger age when they can learn to appreciate helping others. Our older two kids of course our older two understand why they should help out and not expect to be paid anything sometimes.

Family Volunteer Day, held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and now in its 26th year, is a day of service that demonstrates and celebrates the power of families who volunteer together, supporting their neighbors and neighborhoods. 

Taking place this year on November 19, Family Volunteer Day is powered by generationOn, the youth division of Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service, and sponsored by The Walt Disney Company. 

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Another good thing to teach your children is to help bring the trashcan up from the sidewalk, just make sure you keep a close eye on them. Usually my husband or I bring back the trashcans from the road, but I walked with her and let our daughter help.

Volunteering is a wonderful way for families to encourage children to be change makers in their communities and the world, while they learn valuable real life lessons about kindness, caring and compassion. 

Every family can make a difference, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. They can do something as simple as writing a thank you note to a member of the military or checking on an elderly neighbor to volunteering at a more traditional event arranged by a local charity, hospital or faith-based organization. Visit to learn more about Family Volunteer Day, explore project ideas and find volunteer opportunities in your area. 

Resources are available in both English and Spanish. Families who share their Family Volunteer Day experience on the site become eligible to win one of four $500 gift cards to help with holiday shopping and five “family night out” prizes, consisting of dinner and a movie. 

Additionally, families are encouraged to use #FamilyVolunteerDay to share ideas and raise awareness of the Day on social media. generationOn, the youth division of Points of Light, is dedicated to providing programs and resources that support the development of caring, compassionate and capable kids and teens through service, empowering them to become changemakers in their communities and the world. To learn more, visit GenerationOn.Org


  1. This is definitely a good way to teach children to reach out and help others. Volunteering to serve the community is a positive habit that will help mold them into caring, responsible adults.

  2. I love this. Volunteering is so important. I used to do it a lot more when I was younger. What a great idea to do it as a family.

  3. Although I am a senior myself now I still try to help out those who need my help. Maybe they need a carton of milk--or a prescription picked up at the pharmacy. Volunteering is important for kids to start to learn at a young age.

  4. I hope I can do this with my family when my husband and I have kiddos of our own. Leading by example is so important!

  5. Never heard of family volunteer day, this is something we need to explore.

  6. I do believe in volunteering. I founded a nonprofit so that's where my energies are directed always.

  7. This is so interesting I didn't know there was anything like this. During Junior high and high school we were required to do volunteer hours for school and it really built the volunteer mindset up. Volunteering is so important to teach kids and I really hope I can pass on the benefits of volunteering to my kids.

  8. This sounds interesting. I do believe in volunteering. It's such a rewarding feeling to help others. Leading by example is so important.

  9. Volunteering is such a great thing to teach our kids. As a Librarian, I can't say thanks enough to all the wonderful volunteers at my library