The Children’s Emergency Response Plan (CHERP™)

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We’ve all had it.  The thought.  Who will show up @ my funeral.  We’ve also cringed at the thought of it happening way too early, and how that would effect our children. Would they survive it?

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Facing mortality is one of the hardest things you can do as a parent, because it brings up the possibility of not being there for your children when they are growing up, that your job is not nearly finished.  How many times have you thought about not being there for your kids? It’s terrifying. 

Worst nightmare.  My belief and my understanding is that the body will just recoil from the entire idea, from having to think about who would raise your child for you if you can’t do it. 

It’s just too horrible, and yet it is something that a parent absolutely must do.  

Aside from the basic logistics of taking care of our business, we must stand up to the full stature of parenthood and our adulthood.

Taking control of our lives, and saying,  
“…These are the parameters of my living. This is my domain.”  

When parents do that, they automatically access their inner knowing, their instinctual boundary lines designed to keep in what’s ours, and keep out what is not.  

Our home is a boundary line that surrounds us and keeps us safe from the powers that be, and we need to occupy that space, and part of occupying that space is deciding exactly what’s going to happen to our families if for some reason we’re not here to do the job.  I think it not only makes us better parents for stepping up to that line, but also we are forming a better culture, because we are occupying the fullness of our parental role.  

The benefits of planning for the Worst Case Scenario 

  1. No need for your children to go into Child Protective Services while they find a temporary home. Your kids stay at home with the people you named as temporary delegates, feeling love and support WHEN THEY NEED IT MOST.
  2. No need for your children to go into strange, and potentially harmful private or state controlled Foster Care, while the court tries to figure out what to do.  
  3. Save your named guardians the hassle of dealing with the government appointed case worker, and at least $3,000-$5,000 retainer for hiring a lawyer to grant legal custody.  With the documentation we provide, your permanent guardians can file a motion, and attach these documents to the correct forms that are available online in every state.
  4. You decide who takes permanent custody and care of your children in the order which you’ve listed, avoiding any expensive court battles over custody.
  5. You prohibit which relatives you DO NOT want to have custody from even attempting a fight.
  6. Peace of mind knowing that you have your ducks in a row, which can actually help you to enjoy the life you have instead of having that worry always nagging you in the background.   Not “white-knuckling” it through life may actually be the thing that saves you because that tension and stress is the worst thing for you in so many ways.  

  1. It costs money to plan.  $500-$600 to pay a lawyer to draw up the correct documentation and have it notarized with 2 witnesses.  Then they want you to do a Will and perhaps even a Trust.  Both excellent ideas.  Setting up a trust will save your kids thousands if not millions in taxes and court costs.  Estate Planning — $4500+. 
  2. Tough to decide who to name.  
  3. Admit you could die or become incapacitated.
  4. Jinx yourself.


  1. How about when Snoop Dogg told us why he doesn't have a will: 'I don't give a f--- when I'm dead'”  Well, Snoop?  Your kids will give a f—.  Your family will give a f—.  It’s the ultimate selfishness.  They will be the ones left with the financial mess of probate court and if the children are minors, potential custody battles and foster care nightmares.  

  1. I already have a Will.  The problem with a Will is, it doesn’t have temporary guardianship, and it guarantees probate court.  What if your long term guardians named in the will are across the country.  Kids will go into Child Protective Custody and perhaps Foster Care until they arrive.   What if you aren’t dead?  What if you are in the hospital?  The Will does not go into effect.  Kids may go into Foster care if the next of kin cannot be determined or if there is an argument.

  1. Find or create your own documentation and have it notarized. This is the cheapest option. 
  2. If you have life insurance and/or more assets than debts, find an estate-planning lawyer who knows how to do this type of kids emergency planning as well as set up trusts and wills. 
  3. Get your CHERP done.  Get the ball rolling.  Spend the $189 right now, fill out the info you have, and come back to finish your delegations when you’ve decided who to name and gathered their contact information.
CHERP™ is specifically designed for just this. 

They’ve thought this all through for you.  

It doesn’t require a lawyer, because it’s a fully online system designed by a mom and lawyer with 7 years experience in planning.  You don’t have to go anywhere to complete your Children’s Emergency Response Plan. 

It’s all online, including the notary and witnesses.  It comes with car and home window stickers, Wallet ID, customized cell phone LockScreen image, Babysitter Instruction sheets, and Glovebox cards with your Temporary Delegates numbers listed.  Right now, the cost is minimal.  The cost of a trip to the grocery store.  

Do this one basic plan for your kids and your family.  Stop white-knuckling it!  Un-Jinx yourself! 

Plan and feel like you did something responsible.  Don’t wait.  This is the one thing you can’t procrastinate on.  
There is 1 week left at our launch sale of $189.  

On November 1st, we will be raising the price to $289, which is still half what it would cost for just this one piece of planning with a lawyer.  

Now is the time to make this 1 time purchase, even if you aren’t ready to make the decisions.  You can always come back at a later date and spend as much time as you need complete your plan. 

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