Keep Your Home Safer with the Stove Ranger

*Disclaimer - I am receiving compensation for writing this sponsored post about Stove Ranger. 

There are so many perks to the Stove Ranger. First off, I want to introduce you to the Kickstarter Campaign that they have going on. You can find information about it HERE! 

It's REALLY important that you know and understand the danger that grease and oil fires can cause to families, including death, injuries, and property. You can help prevent that from happening with the Stove Ranger. It's really scary knowing what could happen to our home if something bad like that did occur, heaven forbid. It's the #1 cause of home structure fire, which is a scary and uneasy feeling.

Stove Ranger - Stove Ranger is a fire supressed products that will help you to preserve what's most important to you which is your home, family, and cherished memories.

Some interesting facts about Stove Ranger:
  • Each Stove Ranger comes with 2 extinguisher units
  • Has a suggested 5 year service lifetime
  • One year limited warranty
  • Affordable residential fire suppression
  • Has easy and quick installation with most standard range hoods
  • Peace of mind for your home and family

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