Celebrating Our Daughter's 8th Birthday Party

*Disclaimer - This is a non-sponsored post about our daughter's birthday party this weekend. This post may contain an affiliate link.

October is our daughter's birthday and this year, she just turned the big 8 years old. She had a nice turnout for her birthday party, with two cousins, aunt, and five friends coming! 

We had a fun time, between 1 - 5pm which was her party time. 

Her party was initially going to be Finding Dory, which it sorta was with the tablecloth, pinata, and plates/napkins, and party favor bags being Dory related but her cake she wanted a 2-tier cake and since they didn't have Dory that big we chose to get her the Monster High two-tier cake from Walmart.

We have a nice triple-crockpot made by Bella which you can find HERE for just $99.99! We use these often, more-so for holidays and birthday parties. They come in handy when you want to cook a cheese dip, lil smokie sausage links in BBQ sauce, and another side for a get together, but don't want to have to use up three separate outlets! 

This set comes with lids, crockpots, and 3 spatula spoons for them! Buying these separate would add up to be a lot more than $99. 

I used the triple crockpot to make:
- Lil smokie sausages in BBQ sauce
- Velveeta cheese with medium salsa to make a cheese dip

I have no idea what two-tier cakes usually go for pricing wise, but we got hers at Walmart and pre-ordered it since it needed to be custom-made. Well, the other day I decided to call just to see how much it's going to be for pick up day so we had an idea for a price range. Well, they told me it's going to be a whopping $58! 

We served on two platters the following foods:
Platter #1: steamed broccoli with cheese to dip it in if desired, carrot slices, non-steamed broccoli with ranch dressing in the middle to dip it in, green onions, and cucumbers.

Platter #2: Cutie orange slices, green apple slices with caramel dipping sauce if desired, fresh grown blueberries, and grapes with cool whip in the center for dipping.

You are probably saying WHAT?? Yep, we did too but when we saw the actual size of it we realized it was well worth it, and of course it was ultimately because she loved her cake and was excited it was Monster High. 

The good thing about this AMAZING and absolutely delicious cake is that it can feed 64 people, so it's not like it was small by any means. We fed everyone at the party the whole top part of the first tier, so we have the bottom portion of the cake left; well some of it.

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