Baby Magic Celebration of For Every Lady In Waiting

*Disclaimer - I received complimentary items and a gift card in order to facilitate this post for Baby Magic

Are you looking for some good products from Baby Magic?

The awesome thing about Baby Magic is that they have great products for babies that you can also use on toddlers. I absolutely love their bath products best, as they work best for our kids as babies. Baby Magic worked wonderful for our older two children too. 

Baby Magic has 65 Years of History and one part of it is called "Ladies In Waiting", which I was asked to remake a modern day Every Lady in Waiting with our youngest since he's the one who uses the Baby Magic products. 

As you know, toddlers do not sit still, let alone lay down so it took five or six retakes for this picture which is the best I could get. He's 17 months old and constantly on the go. We love to use the lavender scented bath product made by Baby Magic.

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