Call of Duty Building Sets

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post, in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are your kids into Call of Duty and love Mega Bloks?

Our oldest son absolutely loves building sets, and was so excited when I got these two sets in the mail. They are Mega Bloks brand blocks and are great. 

The first set of blocks I received for him are the Call of Duty Arctic Invasion. He had a good time putting this set together, and it took him about 2 hours by himself to figure out step by step how to get it together as the vehicle. This set has 493 pieces in the box and is good for ages 10 and up. Our son is almost 9 and loves it. We don't allow him to play Call of Duty, but the Mega Bloks set is fine.  You can buy this set on their website, HERE!

The second set of Mega Bloks that he received is Call of Duty Wrath Attack. It comes with 351 pieces in the box, and is good for ages 10 and up. Once again, our son is almost 9 and does great with them. This one is an attack vehicle and comes with some men figures. You can buy this building set, HERE!

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