What's the Most Important Thing about a Britax Car Seat?

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Are you looking for a great carseat, from Britax? Let me help!

I know when it comes to the safety of our little ones, price is not the number one concern really. I have done much research over the last two years; more so when I was pregnant with our youngest who's now almost 16 months old, and found that it's truly safest all the way around to keep your child rear facing either until age 2 - 3, or the weight of the carseat in the rear facing position. That's where the lovely carseats by Britax come into play! You can check out what the car seat laws are in the USA states, here

I recently found this Britax Marathon Click Tight Convertible Car Seat on the website! It's an excellent seat that I have a few friends who own it and they absolutely LOVE it! The price on there is just $254.99 which is GREAT for the different features that it has, and the adorable Cowmooflage design it has. Any child will love riding in it, I'm sure! Looking for something different? Go to the Britax website.

With this Britax Car Seat, you can have your child in the rear face position from 5 - 40 lbs and in the forward face position from 20 - 65 lbs! I love when carseats offer the extended rear facing option. It makes you really become thankful that these brands and companies care about the safety of our children! 

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