First OB Check Up is Thursday!

I'm really excited but nervous about our first midwife / OB appointment on Thursday afternoon! 

I should be around 8 - 9 weeks according to the doctor office, even though the blood test on July 20 said 4 weeks, so I will know my exact or estimated due date, on Thursday.

We get to see baby on ultrasound of course which is my favorite part of the check up, and hear the heartbeat as well. I'm excited for that and it's a blessing. 

I will be signing up for a nurses program that they do around here where every month, then every 2 weeks, and every week a nurse will come to our home to check out the baby's heartbeat and measure my stomach and everything. 

Starting at 16 weeks, I will be probably getting a weekly shot of Makena which will help to prevent preterm labor like I did with my youngest. I had our oldest at 34 weeks, middle child at 37 weeks 5 days, and our youngest at 37 weeks 4 days; and while to us the younger two were perfectly healthy and everything; it's just a precaution to make sure that I don't go earlier than 36 weeks.

I was prescribed a prenatal vitamin October 19 when I went to get the blood test re-done, so I have been taking that almost daily. Sometimes, I accidentally forget to. I want to buy some Disney gummy vitamins to make it easier so I don't gag.

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