Best Places to do Back to School Shopping

Oh wow, I just said Back to School! Yes, it's about time to head back to school. Our kids go back to school in about two weeks now. We have their new book bags, a pencil box, and lunchboxes, and of course clothes and shoes! 

We are lucky that our school district provides the majority of our kids school supplies, so there are not many products that we need to buy for Back to School shopping. Our township taxes pay for that to be possible. 

Where we use to live in Virginia, we had a decent list per grade to shop for of course. And our favorite places to get great prices on school supplies and saving money with a discount card too, is Staples and Office Max! These are both great stores that I grew up shopping at, for school supplies back when I was a kid in school. 

Before you go shopping for your kid(s) school supplies, be sure that you know exactly what you need, how many, and if you have any discount cards, or coupons take them with you!

Staples is great all around, because they seem to always have good prices on everything basically and especially for school supplies. More so for the bigger items like notebooks, book bags, and lunch-bags. 

Office Max is another great go to place to shop deals for back to school supplies of anything you could basically think of! They also have good deals on a fairly regular basis, especially for school supplies. 

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  1. I am going to Staples this weekend because they have deals all day long on their school supplies and they have such great deals!