You Shouldn't Leave Italy Without Doing These 5 Things

I can attest to the fact that Italy is amazing! I went on a 10 day trip to different cities in Italy, in 2004 and LOVED it!

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Millions flock to Venice, Rome, and Florence every year. There is so much to see and do in the country that it’s often hard to fit it all in. Here are five things you must do before you leave Italy.

Tried at least one Italian pizza  
Italy is famous for its fantastic food which is popular around the world. The county is known for it’s wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes. You need to try at least one traditional Italian pizza before you leave the country as it’s so delicious.

You should go for smaller restaurants that are run by the locals. That way, you will get a true Italian pizza that you will love. And as it explains here, just because it’s empty, doesn’t mean it’s bad food. A lot of the locals eat at 8 or 9pm, so it’s likely to get busy then!

Learn at least a sentence of Italian

Another thing you should do before you leave Italy is learn at least one sentence of Italian. It would be great to come away knowing at least some of the popular language. You should speak to the locals, and they will be able to help you pick up some of the Italian language. You could also arrange to go for an Italian lesson before you leave. You could book it online before you get to the country. It’s one of the popular languages around the world, and it would be fantastic to know at least one sentence of Italian!

Attend at least one opera

You should also not leave Italy without at least attending one opera. It’s a fantastic experience that you will never forget. You will get to sit in one of the greatest theaters which have likely been there for hundreds, if not thousands of years. As this article reveals, you should go to one of Verona's famous operas to witness a fantastic spectacle. If you have time, you should also experience a church service in latin. It’s something really unique that you won’t get to experience ever again. Go for one that has a choir as it sounds even more incredible when the hymns are sung in Latin.

Visited at least one vineyard

Another thing you need to do before you leave Italy is visit one of the many vineyards that are situated in Tuscany. It’s a great chance to try some great wines and even experience making your own. Visiting a vineyard will give you a taste of luxury in Italy, and you will enjoy some amazing sights while you are there.

Had one gelato

You need also to enjoy at least one gelato before you leave Italy. The delicious ice cream is a lot creamier than the traditional versions. It’s ideal for enjoying while you are sightseeing and walking down the streets. I talked previously about how much I enjoyed the delicious gelato in Rome.

Remember to make sure you plan what you want to see in advance. If you are visiting one of the cities such as Rome or Venice, you need to book tickets before you go unless you fancy standing in long ticket queues.

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