How To Get Your Kids Interested In Gardening This Summer

Are you looking for some fun summer activities for your kids? Try gardening!

Summer has arrived, and hopefully, this means days of fun in the garden are coming. This summer, would you like to get your kids interested in gardening? Or are you keen for them to spend more time outdoors? Here are some top tips to create green-fingered children and make the most of your outdoor space.

Create a child-friendly space
If you dream of long days in the garden with family and friends, make sure your backyard in fit for purpose. Have you got weeds everywhere or foot-long grass after the winter? Is your garden neat and tidy, but lacking in color and personality? Now is the time to get creative, and make a versatile, child-friendlyspace.

If your garden needs some TLC, sort out weeds, and mow the lawn first. Have a clear out and a tidy up. Once you’ve got everything in check, you can start coming up with ideas. Have a chat with your kids and see what plans they have. Do they love playing in the sand? Or do they enjoy splashingaround in a paddling pool? Are they fans of bright colors?

Are they desperate for some new outdoor toys? You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your garden more child-friendly. If you don’t have acres of space, don’t worry. You could section off an area of your garden, especially for your children. Paint the fences, and add some toys. Turn an old shed into a beach hut or a castle. Put down some stepping stones on a bed of bark chippings, create a chill out area on a corner of decking. Scatter some cushions and soft furnishings, and bring out books and coloring.

Get growing!
Kids love to get involved with projects, especially those that their parents enjoy. If you like to growplants and vegetables, encourage the children to help out. Buy a set of mini garden tools and let them plant seeds and water the flower beds. Growing vegetables is a really great way of getting kids interested in gardening. It also helps to encourage them to eat their greens.

If they’ve tended to runner beans, lettuce, or strawberries for months, they’ll be more inclined to eat them.

You don’t need to have masses of space in your backyard to grow your own produce. In fact, if you’re a bit cramped outside, you could grow veg indoors. Using innovative space-saving hydroponics systems, you can grow herbs and leafy green vegetables inside.

Make time for outdoor play
In the holidays, it’s great to take advantage of the warm weather and long days. Get out into the garden as often as you can. Limit time indoors playing with consoles or watching television. Spend time together as a family playing games and sports, and gardening.

If you’re keen to get the kids interested in gardening this summer, look no further. Follow these simple steps to enjoy a fun-filled summer with your kids out in the garden. Hopefully, the weather will play ball, and your children will be producing prize-winning fruit and veg in no time!


  1. Making time for outdoor play is so important. Too many kids these days are fixated on electronics and never want to go outside to play with their friends.

  2. This is such a great post, wonderful information!

  3. I grew up with a mom who loved to garden and it rubbed off on me. My kids grew a few things but are not into gardening aa such. I find it very relaxing.

  4. I love tk garden been trying to get boys boys involved thanks for some awsome ideas