Fun Activities to do Indoors with Kids in the Summer

I have been wanting to write about some fun activities that you can do with your kids indoors, if you don't want to be outdoors all summer long.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids, at home?

Our kids love to spend the day outdoors and do during the summer as they go to a fun program that our local park has for elementary kids, during the week for a few hours. But, not everyone likes to be outside all the time, myself included.

I want to share some fun ideas you can do with your kids indoors during the summer:

1. Playdoh - You can make your own by looking up recipes online or you can buy it at mostly any stores. Kids will love it if you just put some wax paper down and let them create their own stuff with Playdoh.

2. Lego's - Our oldest has always enjoyed playing with blocks, whether it's Mega Blocks when he was 1 - 4 years old, then Duplos, and now since about age 5 or 6 he absolutely loves Lego's. He has quite a few sets that he combined into one big toybox of them. I'm sure if you gave your kids blocks or Lego's to play with that they'd be pretty occupied for awhile. 

3. Video Games - Our kids have a Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 that we share between our family that they enjoy playing sometimes. Video games are fun from time to time, but are definitely not meant to be an all day occassion, especially for kids. If you have multi-player games, it can be fun for kids to play against each other for racing games and such.

4. Watch Movies - Our kids when they don't want to play anything will either watch one of their DVDs or they'll turn on our Roku and watch some of their Netflix shows for kids. There are a lot of options for kids shows to choose from. 


  1. Movies are great for days when it's way too hot!

  2. we like to play games after dinner.. Since its warm we do spend a lot of time outside playing with the animals and enjoying the sunshine.

  3. Even in the Summer we have stay inside for rainy days so we paint, dip your thumbs in paint and leave colorful thumbprint on the paper, now once that is dry take a pen and turn your thumbprint into animals, your family, you can create a whole village and even turn them into cars.