We Have a 1 Year Old Now

Our youngest son had the BIG 1st birthday, on the 16th! He had such a fun day and we had cake at my in laws to celebrate, so one of my sister in laws was able to go too, with her daughter.

I decided to custom order a quarter sheet cake that was themed Big Bird, and it came with a free smash cake for first birthday! How cool is that? It was only like $24.50, at Walmart!

Our son is big on Curious George and Barney too; but of course Walmart had neither so I custom ordered the bigger cake to be Big Bird and they surprised me with what the smash cake would be.

I had to be close by to Walmart earlier than when my husband was going to be, so I just went ahead and picked up the cakes in the morning. Look at how nice they turned out to be!

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