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*Disclaimer - This post made possible through the support of Cochlear. All opinions are my own.

I have been aware of the impact of hearing loss for a long time. I have two connections through family members. My father in law has hearing loss issues and has hearing aids because of it. He has trouble hearing our kids at times which makes it hard sometimes for them when they have to repeat themselves. The hearing aids help him a good bit, because he wouldn't be able to hear at all without them.  

The second person is my grandma on my mom's side; she has hearing loss issues and has hearing aids. It has made a huge difference with her hearing in a good way. She can hear a lot better now since she got them put in about a year ago or so now. Before she got hearing aids, it was hard for her to understand what was being said and having to repeat ourselves was hard. It took several years for my mom to convince her to finally get hearing aids, and she is very glad that she did. She can hear a lot better now.

Given this experience, I was interested to learn about Cochlear, a cochlear implant provider that has been in operation for over 30 years. They make implants that are designed to treat a range of moderate to profound types of hearing loss. Cochlear has helped over 450,000 people worldwide have access to sound.

Cochlear knows communication is the crux of everything in parenting, and an essential step in every parent’s journey is working on speech, language, and developmental milestones. That’s why they are especially dedicated to helping kids with implantation being available starting at age one) and have developed the new website At this website, they offer resources and guidance, as well as a "Find a Hearing Specialist" locator at the top left of the page.

Cochlear wants to help kids live without limits; to help family experience and celebrate all of the developmental milestones. You can see what everyone is talking about HERE!

Check out their Facebook page here and on Twitter here . You can see some videos as well on their YouTube channel here .

Do you know what the signs of hearing loss are? Here are some guiding signs for babies and school-aged kids:


  1. I know cochlear implants can be controversial in the deaf community, but I think that if something can help a person hear, it would definitely make their life easier. My Grandpa also had hearing loss & just refused to admit it! For years he insisted we were 'mumbling' when we were practically yelling. It would've been so much easier for him if he had just worn his hearing aid.

  2. I actually have slight hearing loss, but I think most military members do. Right now I don't hear hearing aids but I'm sure I may when I'm older. If cochlear implants can help those who need it, I'm all for it.