#VerizonWireless Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone

*Disclaimer - I received 1 month of service usage of the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone from Verizon Wireless in order to facilitate this review for my readers. This post may contain an affiliate link. 

Are you looking for a good, solid, and high resolution phone? 

We have had Verizon Wireless for like 5 - 6 years or so, and LOVE it! They have great cell phones to choose from and the service is good almost anywhere, at least where I'm located in PA. The customer service by phone and in person in the stores has been very positive, even though I've only needed to go in store once or twice. 

What's your favorite thing about Verizon Wireless?

I'm just so thrilled to tell you about the new Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 phone! It's a lot better than the S4 that I have currently, by far. I have been wanting to upgrade my phone but am just not too sure if I should right now. The picture below, I didn't use this feature as I don't have an account with it. 

My dad just got the S7 shortly before I got this one to review, and he loves it! 

The display on the S7 is 5.1 inches, and it has the operating system of Android 6.0.1 marshmallow. Below, you can see how easy they make it for you to access your favorite apps that Android has to offer. I use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram most for promoting posts on social media.

I just love to take pictures at the park at the water, trees, and clouds. It's a nice scenery to see on a nice day. Our kids love going to the park after school and/or on the weekends when it's nice out, so we take plenty of fun pictures.

I loved the features while I had it since mid March. It has a GREAT camera and has very clear photos, especially outdoors. I love the high resolution of the phone's camera, as well as the video camera.One of the nice things about this phone is that it has a built in flashlight that doesn't require a separate application for it. 

If you'd like the Galaxy S7 without a service plan, you can buy it HERE! If you buy it with service, it's $100! I reviewed the gold color phone, and let me tell you I'm impressed! The apps load really fast on this one, and it's also quicker to upload videos to social media - Facebook. I highly recommend this phone with your Verizon phone plan.

I received the phone and booklet, with a new charger. It charges a whole lot quicker time wise than my current phone does, and it even tells you how long it will take to be fully charged to 100%. It's the great thing about newer technology - more advanced than older model phones. The speaker phone on this device is a lot clearer in my opinion that the current phone I have, and I like that a lot. It makes calls a lot easier to do. This phone is really thin though, so you need to have a good case to protect the outside of it from any damage.

We love to go to the park when it's nice outside, so here are some pictures of the outdoors with the S7! The clouds are nice and clear / big here. I love it. It was such a nice day to enjoy a long walk with our youngest while older two were in school.


  1. That phone takes good pictures. I recently bought a new phone for the camera.

  2. Nice looking phone. This would be a great phone to start with