National Strawberry Month: Shortcake Donut Recipe

*Disclaimer - I received payment for this post as part as an ambassadorship with Strawberry Shortcake. All opinions and pictures are that of my own.

Do you have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter who loves Strawberry Shortcake? Keep reading to learn more about the fun she can have making a special dessert with you! 

Right now, I'm helping kick off May being National Strawberry Month which is HUGE! Everyone loves a good strawberry recipe, right? I wanted to tell you what I got for this month's big kickoff. I love strawberries and am a big fan of Strawberry Shortcake, so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to help promote these amazing items, and doing a monthly recipe for my family and readers, right at home for my blog!

The fun thing about this post is that not only did our daughter get to help me do the shopping for the recipe products, but she got to enjoy the digital copy of the new Strawberry Shortcake movie, which by the way she LOVES! She's a big time fan of Strawberry Shortcake. She also received a comic book, a classic Strawberry Shortcake doll that smells just like berries, cake decorating items, and some rings for the shortcake donut recipe of course. 

We had a lot of fun making these donuts, and now I'm ready to share the recipe with you, along with pictures of each product that you'll need to buy to make it for your family too!

Shortcake Donut Recipe 
- 12 Plain Cake Donuts
- 6 Cups Whipped Cream
- 1 lb of Fresh Strawberries (quartered)
- 1 Bottle pink Premium Gel Color by DecoPac
- Strawberry Shortcake Friends Forever Cupcake Rings

1. Bake or buy pre-made plain cake donuts. Cut each donut in half.
2. Tint whipped cream pink, and layer onto bottom half of each donut.
3. Place quartered strawberries on top of whipped cream, then sandwhich with the top half of each donut. 
4. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and a Strawberry Shortcake Friends Forever Cupcake Ring.


  1. Strawberry shortcake i part of my child hood I remember, I love your idea, my family also love strawberries in everything.

  2. Those are so cute...and made with donuts, how simple!

  3. My daughter is a huge fan of Strawberry Shortcake! Thes doughnuts look like a perfect treat for birthday parties.

  4. What a cute idea! My two nieces LOVE Strawberry Shortcake, so they would love these.

  5. I've always been a huge fan of any dessert that contains strawberry. I would love to sample these donuts with a large glass of cold milk.

  6. Yum! I love Strawberries! My daughter loves Strawberry Shortcake! These are so cute!

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  8. Both of my girls love Strawberry Shortcake!! These are cute donuts for the kids!

  9. Strawberry season just passed here in Florida, but this recipe looks so tasty! I used to love Strawberry Shortcake as a kid, haven't seen the newer version of the show yet.

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