Our Cats Love Temptations Treats

Do you have cats? We have 3.

All of them absolutely LOVE Temptations Mix Ups cat treats, which are Backyard Cookout flavor of chicken, liver, and beef.

The mom cat is 3 years old and her babies are 2 years old. Crazy isn't it? They are only about a year - a year 1/2 apart in age. The mom's name is Kelalah, the male cat's (black with white) name is Fluffy, and the other female cat's name is Buttercup. They are basically tiger stripe cats, except for the male as he has all black and a little bit of white on him. 

They are indoor cats 100% of the time. We had a black and white cat named Midnight but due to the fact that she was originally an outdoor cat when we found her, I let my parents and sister have her, as they don't live on a very busy road / neighborhood. She loves it there with them and is happy. And, she also loves these Temptations cat treats too.

Our cats thoroughly enjoy when my husband is home from work and in the evening usually, he will shake the Temptations container and all three cats will come running and meow for the treats!

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  1. We don't have any pets, but if we had cats this would be great.