Valentine's Day: IncrediBundles - Fun Toys for Babies

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from IncrediBundles in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you looking for some pretty awesome toys that are age appropriate for your baby? IncrediBundles is the way to go!

I absolutely love working with the popular shop known as IncrediBundles. They have great customer service and are there to answer any questions that you may have about a product or an order. They are filled with wonderful items for babies and toddlers! I highly recommend them.

For this Valentine's Day post, I decided to get our now 9 1/2 month old son a book about colors, a stroller / carseat toy that dangles, Cookie Monster stuffed animal, egg shakers, and a sleep sheep animal.

The first product that I will tell you about is called Sleep Sheep on the Go and can be bought, HERE for just $19.50! This sheep is so soft to the touch and will make any baby smile. The neat thing about this sleep sheep is that it comes with a sound pack that includes some soft peaceful sounds that will help your little one fall asleep. Our son loves it.

The next product I will be telling you about is the Baby Whoozit toy, which can be bought HERE for only $11.50. This toy is a lot of fun for our son, as I usually end up putting it on his infant seat and on the stroller for him to play with. He likes the rattle noise, crinkle noise, and the small mirror it has. This is great for babies of all ages to look at and play with.

This next set of products he enjoys a lot, and they are called egg shakers and can be bought HERE for just $4.99! They come with a little paper that has a song that you can follow with your child, using the eggs to make a beat with the song for fun. These are a weekly thing for us to play with and sing with. He has a lot of fun with them for sure.

One of my favorites and the one that he sleeps with most for naptime is the Cookie Monster plush and can be bought HERE for just $15.50! He is a lot bigger than I expected, which is good because he's very soft and cuddly, and our son loves to play and hold him. 

The final product that we received is a cute book made just for small hands called Bright Baby Colors, and can be bought HERE for only $5.00! It's a fun and cute book to read together with your child, and to also point out the different colors of every picture.

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