Traveling with Young Kids

When it comes to traveling with young kids, things can get tricky at times as you may know with trying your best to get from point A to point B, all while keeping your kids occupied.  Well, this post is about how you can travel the best with your kids.

What's your best advice for traveling with young kids?

We have three kids, ages 7, 8, and 9 1/2 months old. Our long distance traveling happens in the summertime most of the time, when we go on vacation. We like to have portable DVD players on the back of our seats for them to watch movies, play I-Spy, and sing along to CDs.

Our number 1 word of advice for traveling with kids would be to travel through the night. Leave once it's dark out and kids will likely sleep all the trip or a lot of it anyway. It makes it so much easier to have a pretty smooth drive, aside from getting food and gas as needed. 

I usually end up falling asleep a lot of the time when we go on a long drive too, and it makes time go a lot faster too. These are great ideas for vacation trips and long drives in general, whether it's to visit out of town family or a fun get away.


  1. You know what? I have never actually considered traveling through the night!But that really does make a lot of sense. Simple - but smart!

  2. I used to travel at night with my kids. They slept all or most of the way. When they got to be teens, we always took the box of questions from Trivial Pursuit, and played without the board. Asking questions, and answering them, was fun and kept the kids involved and from getting bored on the drive.