Cats that I've had over the past 10 Years

The first two pictures are of cats that lived and live with my parents. The first cat had to be put to sleep a year or so ago, and was a big reason I let my parents take the other cat with them. I knew she would like it better there anyway. They had her for a long time, before she got sick.

Before we moved 8 hours away, we lived at a house we rented and when I went outside one day, I found a beautiful cat. No owner, no tags. We took her as our own. She was an outdoor cat, and when we moved I made her an inside cat so she wouldn't get hit by a car. Well, I decided that she wanted to be an outside cat; so I let my parents take her back to live with them. She loves it there.

Here are our cats we have now. Here are the twin cats when they were a day old. They're now 2 years old and very happy and healthy. We kept them and they're part of our family.

Here's the brother of the twin cats. He's my buddy and loves our youngest son. He cuddles on bed with him.

Here's the sister of the twins. She's 2 years old and loves playing with her brother and mom.

Here's their mom. She's about 3 years old. She loves to cuddle on the bed with you, and play.

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  1. Your cats are so adorable! I like cats because to me they are fun and easy pets. Happy New Year!