Outdoor Fun with Kids

I was asked in the summer time to do a post about outdoor fun with kids, so here are some things that we like to do with our kids outside, whether it's spring, summer, fall, or snowing.

The photo I included in this post was our backyard before we moved 8 hours away to where we live now. It was about 2 1/2 acres of land where we were renting the house. Our kids had a big yard full of their toys, able to run energy off and enjoy a nice yard. 

We still have a nice yard where we live now, it's just not all flat and not as much land. They really enjoy jumping on the trampoline together when it's not rainy and they don't have much homework. 

In the summer, we usually go on vacation and this summer we went to an amusement park and to Thomas the Train Tour. They had a blast!

Some activities to do with kids outside are:
- Go to the park
- Swimming when weather appropriate
- Going for walks
- Playing outside in your yard
- If there is snow, get some sleds of some sort and show them how to pack snow down to make a clear / safe path to sled

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