Dogs I've had in the past 10 Years

I am 29 years old and am now married of almost 8 years and have 3 wonderful kids, 3 cats, and 3 fish. But, growing up we always had a dog, guinea pig, and when we got older we had a cat too.

Does your family have any pets?

The photo below is of our former dog named Rusty who lived a long time, but had to be put to sleep several years ago because of being sick. He was my favorite dog. He was a sheltie breed dog. 

He was a very special dog to me and was there through a lot for me. He always slept on my bed with me growing up until I moved out at almost 21. My kids loved him too, but didn't get to know him a really long time like I did of course.

The next picture is of current dog named Penny. She is a breed known as a collie. She's beautiful and looks like Lassie some say. My family got her in 2012 or so, and she is very keen to my sister. She gets really excited to have her home from work at the end of the day, and play with her, as well as she sleeps on her bed while she's at work. She loves kids and spends a lot of time barking at neighbors inside the fence. She loves going for walks and running in the yard.

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