How to Survive Holiday Parties with Dairy Sensitivity/Holiday Entertaining

*Disclaimer - I have received information and materials from JOHNSON & JOHNSON CONSUMER, Inc, McNeil Nutritionals, LLC Subsidary the makers of LACTAID. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. 

Have you ever had a time in your life where you or a family member who is dairy sensitive experienced Dairy Envy during a good holiday meal? Or you just simply could not enjoy some of those creamy mashed potatoes like everyone else could, or a small scoop of ice cream on the apple pie made by Grandma? 

For my family, we have one dairy sensitive family member and they use a different type of product to enjoy instead of milk itself.

Try your own LACTAID Holiday Themed Recipe like below:
Lactaid Dairy
Salt and Pepper

Just use the LACTAID Milk in place of the normal milk you would normally use instead. These ingredients are fine for the dairy sensitive across all of it's ingredients.

Dairy Envy spikes during the holiday season especially, when those sensitive to dairy can't thoroughly enjoy classic holiday meals and family recipes that use dairy without facing the discomfort later on. LACTAID Dairy gives consumers the opportunity to combat Dairy Envy and experience the full joy of the holiday season.

Since it's 100% real dairy just without the lactose, swapping LACTAID Milk into your holiday recipes keeps their taste and nutritional benefits the same, while making sure that even your guests with dairy sensitivities can enjoy.


  1. I would have major Dairy Envy if I was lactose intolerant. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have that sensitivity or intolerance during the holidays.

  2. My husband has a self diagnosed dairy intolerance, so I need to be careful when I make things around the holidays when I host.

  3. I've swapped it out many, many times and I really can't tell at all. It saves my belly!

  4. I am so grateful that I do not suffer from sensitivity to dairy. I'm French after all and that means I LOVE cheese, butter, cream... all those fabulous dairy products :-)

  5. That's a great alternative for people with difficulties with dairy. Thanks for sharing!