How to Get Kids to go to Bed on Time

I was asked to write about how to get kids to go to bed on time. Here's what works for our kids and how we do it.

Yes, it's very possible to get kids, especially school age to go to bed at a certain time - it's called a schedule / rules. Our kids' bedtime is at 8pm during the school week and 9pm on weekends. During the week, they do their homework, play, eat dinner, and get ready for bed and pick a kids DVD to put in their TV to go to bed. On Wednesday nights, they go to bed around 8:30 or 9pm due to church activities every week for kids that they participate in.

Our 6 month old usually nurses around 8pm or so and then gets his pacifier and falls asleep soon after in his pack and play, and he will sometimes wake up at 4am but it's usually at 6:15 - 6:45am or so when he's up to nurse again which works great because I am up to get our older two up for school bus at 6:55 or so. He set his schedule for at night really. 


  1. Routine really is key for getting kids to bed on time. My oldest is 11 and he is learning to push his routine out the window but I'm still pushing for regular bedtimes.

  2. We definitely have a routine, but we don't allow any screen time with the bedtime routine. She gets to pick a CD to put in her player and fall asleep to.