Holiday Gift Guide: Olive Garden Gift Cards Promotion

*Disclaimer - I received an e-gift certificate from Olive Garden in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Who loves Chicken Gnocchi soup from Olive Garden? I know I do!! My sister and brother in law were able to do this review for/with me, to give them a night out and enjoy dinner.

The main reason for this post is to promote the holiday gift card promotion! Get a $10 Bonus Offer for every $50 you spend in gift cards at Olive Garden. This offer is good from November 16, 2015 until January 3, 2016! Bonus offer is valid from January 4 until March 31, 2016. Terms apply, so be sure to ask your waiter about this offer.

Of course, my sister chose to get the famous Chicken Gnocchi soup to go with her pasta which is below. Doesn't it look just delicious? She loved it and said it was amazing. Of course, she got extra cheese to go on top! 

My absolute favorite dish to get when I dine in at Olive Garden has got to be their five cheese ziti pasta! It's the best combination, and if you haven't tried it before you really should because it's truly that good. I always get the Chicken Gnocchi soup as well.

My brother in law got the NEW Lobster Ravioli for his main dish which is below. If you enjoy a good lobster dinner, but want it inside of ravioli, then be sure to go try it out at your local Olive Garden! 


  1. I like the five cheese ziti too. I also like their capellini pomodoro but they don't have it on the menu anymore. Sometimes they make it for me anyhow. :) That's why I love Olive Garden!

  2. We just ate at Olive Garden last night. That is my favorite soup of theirs. I have chicken/shrimp carbonara and hubby had the new lobster ravioli. He actually did complain about his meal because it was so overly salty he had a hard time eating it. We did leave with a free desert because of the salty meal. Mine, was amazing :)

  3. Absolutely love this place and not once have I been disappointed in a dish. I'm really fond of the endless bowls specials they run.

  4. Five cheese ziti pasta sounds amazing but it makes my lactose-intolerant tummy hurt just thinking about it! I love Olive Garden though!

  5. I can seriously eat at Olive Garden any time! I have my favorites, but I've enjoyed some of their new recipes lately too.

  6. Love Olive Garden so much, it's the best!