Breastfeeding in Public: 6 Months Later

So, I have written quite a bit about how people use to act or talk or just stare when nursing our youngest in public, with or without a cover. Well, I'm here writing my 6 month update on nursing while in public and how it is for us now.

I'm not sure if it's the several others that I have met who also nurse wherever they are when baby is hungry or that the ignorance is finally dying off, but it's been much easier journey since I quit caring what others think about our son eating. When it comes down to it, our son eats on demand and that is every 3 - 4 hours usually during the day and of course he eats baby foods but that is at home usually.  Thankfully, most of the time he's not hungry until we get home if we're out and about, but sometimes he is so he gets fed. 

There are still people who will stare, but I just smile and walk on instead of saying something to them. They can educate themselves and their kids on the topic, but hey all states have laws to protect nursing moms and their babies. And that law doesn't have an age limit either. I intend on nursing til he weans himself or 15 months old. No one is going to tell me that I need to feed a bottle. I don't want to sit at home and pump for 20 minutes just to have a bottle, unless it's NEEDED which it's not so why bother with it? I don't! PA moms, check out the law below that I found online to share with you.

Whether my husband is with us or not, if our son is hungry and I'm out and about with him, he eats. I am as discreet as I'm able to be but I also walk with a cart best I can while feeding and shop. I can't figure out my Mei Tai carrier for the life of me, so I just hold him to nurse which is no problem, it's just a little harder to shop and feed at the same time. I found a great nursing tank top that a good friend of mine gave me that works great in place of a cover. I quit using a nursing cover when he was about 2 1/2 - 3 months old, because it's too much of a hassle to bother with and I put it away with his clothes that are too small anyway, because I have no use for it.

I stopped using a bottle at night because I got tired of pumping at all. He hasn't had a bottle of pumped milk in about 3 weeks or more now. He nurses at his last feeding before bed instead, so yay! I had bottle fed his night bottle of my milk since day 3, so I was excited when I got him out of that habit.


  1. Atta girl... you have your baby to take care of and they don't eat in the bathroom why should your infant? I walked around Disneyland with a baby on my boob and a blanket lightly over my shoulder.. nothing was covered and you know what else, I didn't freaken care. Go you! Take care of yours and if you don't look at them, you won't know they are staring! :) I loved the connection of breastfeeding my girls.

  2. I don't really understand why it bothers people, its a beautiful natural thing. To each its own and I applaud you for doing your thing.