Activities that can be done with Infants and Toddlers

Our son isn't 6 months old yet, but I love every moment I have with him as a stay at home mom. I was asked to write a parenting topic about what activities can be done with infants and toddlers.

I enjoy day to day activities with all 3 of our kids. Our older two are in school all day during the week, so it's our youngest son and I during the day until I get his siblings off of the bus. We have fun during the day.

Activities with an infant / baby:
He loves his excersaucer and jumparoo that we have, that have musical option buttons for him to play with and listen to as he plays with other things on the toy. He is such a happy baby. When it's nice outside, I take him for a walk in the stroller to the park and back. 

Some fun activities to do with infants / babies are:
- Sing 
- Read a book or two
- Tummy time
- Cuddle 
- Watch TV or a movie
- Play with rattles
- Teach him to sit up better
- Jumparoo 

Activities with a toddler:
I haven't had a toddler in the house in almost 5 years, but we will sooner or later. From what I remember, we did a lot of playing, coloring, and playdoh. I've been a stay at home mom for the majority of our kids' lives. 

Some fun activities to do with toddlers are: From 18 months old on is what I did
- Play outside when weather permits
- Read books
- Color in some coloring books
- Teach ABCs, numbers 1 - 20, simple adding, and shapes / colors
- Play with toys


  1. We used to have so much fun playing peekaboo or just reading. These are all awesome ideas.

    1. Peek-a-boo was one of our favorites, too! I think I played that one with my kids until they were at least 3!

  2. Great ideas! Some of my kids hated tummy time and others loved it but it is so important!