Throwing A Great Birthday Party For The Kids

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Is your child’s birthday approaching? You might be trying to come up with some ideas on what to do for a party. 

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve been thinking about this lately. Ever since my little one had their most recent birthday, I’ve been writing down the best tips I can offer. If you want some inspiration, you can check out the other post, but I think I’ve got some great ideas here as well. Credit: Vegan Liftz -

Fun With Invitations Honestly, when did kids birthdays become such a big deal? As they get older, it seems it’s more like an event than a backyard party. You need to send out the invitations and get who they want to appear. If you’re making it surprise that’s just another problem that you’re creating for yourself. Instead of doing this just ask your child who they want to invite and help them make the invitations. I don’t recommend you invite a whole class. But, if you do make sure you plan a simple party. For instance, you can hire a hall and set up a disco.
Great Food What’s the simplest way to get food for a kids party. That’s simple; you plan a barbecue. If you want the best barbecue, you can think about hiring caterers. This might seem a little excessive for a kids birthday party. But, remember if the kids are little you’re probably going to have parents there as well. They will want food too so it’s not a bad idea and it saves you the trouble of cooking. You can also order all the barbecue food and cook it yourself. Whichever way you choose, you’re guaranteed an easy, stress-free meal. 
Have A Theme If your child’s birthday is rapidly approaching, why not throw a theme party. Since Halloween is approaching, the party guests could dress up as ghosts and ghouls. You can even plan some spooky activities such as apple bobbing and set up some scary films to watch on Netflix. It doesn’t even have to be a Halloween theme. You could have a superhero party. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a little girl, a princess parade. Just make sure you get the Elsa costume for your little one before anyone else does. 
Simple Suggestions If you’re trying to keep the party simple and low cost, you could just take the kids to the park. As long as it’s a bright and sunny day, there're lots of activities that they can take part in. Do have a backup plan though in case the weather changes unexpectedly and you need to take the fun inside. Also, I would suggest that you have some parent helpers so that none of the child wander away from the park, safe zone. 
Don’t Forget The Party Bags Remember, no kids party is complete without party bags. You don’t have to make them yourself. Instead, you can buy them pre-packaged and ready to go. Although you may want to add a slice of cake each.

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  1. I've always loved throwing birthday parties for my girls! A theme is the key, once you have that everything else falls in place! I always included a craft activity. For example when we had a sea theme the kids all decorated a wood frame with sea shells and other dried sea creatures... We took a picture of each kid with our daughter when they walked in and printed for them to put in their frame before leaving :-)